According to new research by researchers in the future of the moon, the moon’s pits can
Use as a good shelter. According to the Technology and Technology News Service, researchers at the University of California Los Angeles believe in the future and if traveling
To the moon of the moon’s pits can be as shelter and a cozy base base
Cover the frost and heat of the moon. New research also shows this
The pits will have a constant and comfortable temperature under all conditions. Researchers at the University of California found out in their recent survey
The moon will have a fixed temperature of 2 degrees Fahrenheit that will not change. According
To the rest of the moon level that can be 2 degrees during the day and at night to 2 degrees Celsius
These pits can be a good base and shelter. Because of fluctuations
Intense temperature on the day and nights of future discovery of these pits as places
A promising hoping to build a base on the moon will use.

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